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    Cancellation & Refund

    If a customer pre-/books a vehicle with all the provided details required , the booking amount is refundable till such time that the final order verification by the authorities are done and the rest of the transaction process are followed. In the event the customer requests for cancellation of the booking after the payment of vehicle is under process, the customer shall not be entitled to any refunds. On such cancellation, we shall have the right to adjust the booking amount towards cancellation of the process and the product. The booking amount is refundable till the time that the customer makes the full payment for the vehicle.

    All eligible refunds shall be processed by us within a period of 30 working days.

    RETURN POLICY:-No return is granted until and unless it falls under the period or section of warranty Policy.

    Please note that the Customers will be eligible for refunds only for the booking amount paid by the Customers. The Customers shall not be eligible for any refunds on payment by the Customer of the complete purchase amount towards the vehicle.

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